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Get to know Fiorentino Ventures

Fiorentino Ventures was never supposed to be. Formed in 2009, our original intent was simply to bring cash4iPhones’ concept online. What was originally a small side-gig quickly became the top player in the cellular phone repurchasing business.

We realized we had something powerful; the ability to connect traditional platforms with emerging technologies. We can communicate effectively with today’s Executives that don’t want to understand Twitter and Facebook and look twice when they see a # or @ in front of words.

The websites we build are more than just a “landing page.” They are a part of a sequence, just one component of an intricate online masterpiece. The members of Fiorentino Ventures work together to provide unique asset contributions to our clients’ web pages. These include

  • Interactive Web Design
  • Social Media Branding & Integration
  • Conversion Optimization
    • Creating sites that subconsciously incentivize human-actions
  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Organic methods to increase rankings on the popular search engines
  • Campaign Managemen
    • Intense management of online advertisement spending to optimize results
  • E-Commerce Solutions
    • Pay-for-Performance solutions when organic sales are not enough
  • Financial Consulting

Interactive Web Design

At Fiorentino Ventures we not only focus on creating credible and professional web designs that adhere to the latest web design standards, we also have the experience and expertise to create functional and usable websites that will turn visitors into leads. We go beyond delivering the latest design trends incorporated into functional standards-based development. When your website is designed by us, you can rest assured that every line of code and pixel on the page has a reason behind it based on web design, search engine optimization, and conversion optimization experience.

The web design experience we bring to the table can only be obtained through the creation of hundreds of websites that perform optimally, the intense studying of the analytics of each of those sites, and a quest for understanding the way people use websites (we actually read the details from studies which show the progression of how people eye movements flow across websites as time passes….what can we say, we are nerds!).

We have the experience and passion to turn your website into a tool that truly works for your business. Let us do what we do best for your company!

WordPress, Blogging, and Content Management

Today’s websites should be interactive, engaging, and up to date with the latest information about your company. To get any search engine presence whatsoever, your website should be updated at least once a week with a new page of content. In order to facilitate the new standards of interactivity required by search engines, Fiorentino Ventures builds the majority of our websites around content management systems such as WordPress or Drupal with blogs integrated seamlessly into the site. These content management solutions allow for your website to be easily updated on an ongoing basis.

Hosting and Email

We offer hosting to fit companies of any size and have the scalability to grow with your company’s needs. While many web design companies overcharge for hosting, we maintain an affordable price (just $20 a month covers your website hosting, email hosting, and technical support) so that we can ensure the quality of your hosting service and 99% uptime. After all, the performance of your website and our marketing campaigns depends on reliable, quality hosting so you can depend on us to provide nothing less.

Logo and Branding Design

Creating a memorable identity for your company is critical in all forms of marketing and advertising and it starts with your company’s logo. Our logo design process is a simple way to achieve high quality branding for your organization. We will spend the time to listen and brainstorm with you to create a brand identity for your company that is the perfect fit!

Mobile Sites, iPhone Apps, and Android Apps!

Ready to take your company branding and marketing to a new level?  Almost 50% of United States uses a Smart Phone for Mobile Browsing and that number is expected to rise dramatically in the next few years.   Stay ahead of the market by bringing your image to the mobile world, we offer Mobile optimized websites, and we can even build Applications on the Mobile markets of iPhone and Android!

Social Marketing

Your digital existence is a presentation, and a web page is only part of that show. Today’s most successful companies have postured themselves on a variety of platforms. With E-Commerce gaining in popularity, competition is fiercer than ever. We believe the key to success as an online entity is establishing credibility.

Our development of your Social Media profile will do just that. While promoting your product or services, you will gain an ultra-important personification of your company. Visitors will establish rapport with your company because they will see it is more than just sell, sell, sell (at least to them).

Take a look at the cash4iPhones Facebook Page and cash4iPhones Twitter Page. We do market our services, but not as directly. People visit our sites for information, as well as to get to know us better. By providing information, we are able to capture users that may not have visited us otherwise.

Allow Fiorentino Ventures to discuss increasing your company’s Social Media presence. Here is a sampling of our custom services:

  • Fully-customized Facebook Page and/or Application
    • Customize Facebook Places to work in your advantage while it is still so new!
    • Create a viral effect by having users that visit your Facebook Page post to their wall, showing in all friends’ “News Feed”
  • Twitter Page Design
    • Maintain your branding with a customized Twitter Page
  • Blogging
    • Along with being an aspect of SEO, contributing a useful stream of blogs to the internet is extremely critical to establishing credibility with prospective clientele

Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, we can help you to find advertising opportunities that best serve your business and your bottom line. Pay per click marketing is not just about search engine text ads any longer, there are a number of opportunities that provide valuable impressions for your business for free:

  • Google Placement – Google has a network of hundreds of thousands of websites where you can run graphic banner ads on a pay per click basis. We design our banner ads to maximize the opportunity free impressions provide for your business.
  • Facebook Ads – These demographically targeted ads are available on a pay per click basis but have a click through rate of less than 1%, resulting in free brand name impressions

We mix advertising strategies such as these with insider tricks to increase your internet presence to maximize your digital marketing opportunities. There are also several ways to leverage content on your website (especially if you are already doing blogging for SEO) to increase your internet presence:

  • Directory Submissions – Finding the right place to put links to your website is completely free. You just have to know where the right traffic is and we do!
  • Email marketing – Email marketing is a great strategy for customer retention. Stay in touch with your current and past customers with newsletters that provide them with interesting content and deals only available to past customers.
  • Blog feeds – If you have a blog and you are not feeding it into every customer touch point possible, talk to us, we can help.

This is just a small sampling of the mixture of innovative, yet reliable internet marketing ideas we can bring to your business. And with 10 years of experience under our belt, the execution of the internet marketing plan we develop for your business will be flawless.

Search Engine Optimization & Pay Per Click Advertising

Search engines are the hub of the internet. Nearly 90% of website visits originate from search engines, and 90% of search engine traffic belongs to Google. So, if you are not on the first page of Google your company may as well be a tree falling in the woods with nobody there to hear it.

At Fiorentino Ventures we create search engine marketing strategies that drive you to the top of Google so your company can be seen and heard. With the right mixture of search engine optimization and search engine text ads we can get you on page 1 right away and increase your visitors and leads month after month, while bringing down the cost per acquisition.

There is no other form of advertising that can deliver the results that search engine marketing can. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your search engine marketing presence. We will tell you precisely what it will take to improve your search engine rankings.


Whether establishing an online presence or optimizing an existing one, Fiorentino Ventures takes a multi-faceted approach to maximizing organic and inorganic sales.

Allow our Team to conduct a free analysis of your online distribution program(s).

Our methods for increasing online sales include:

  • Affiliate Network Management
    • Creation of commission-based incentives for affiliate marketers, a “free” sales channel (the affiliates spend their own marketing dollars)
  • Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management
    • Detailed keyword/demographic analysis to decrease the cost per lead/cost per action thereby increasing efficiency
  • E-Mail Marketing Campaign
    • Increasing referrals, promoting return customers, and recapturing lost customers
    • Highly effective HTML E-Mail template creation
  • “Viral Campaigns”
    • Distribution of information via blogging, social media updates, etc. to stimulate prospect interest
  • Cross-Selling Analysis
    • Identification and implementation of opportunities to cross-sell similar or complementary products, multi-item discounts, or volume-based incentives
  • Website Optimization
    • Implementing incentivizing features to websites which are scientifically proven to increase the likelihood of stimulating a purchase
  • And more….!

Financial Consulting

Should a decision be made to let Fiorentino Ventures manage all or some of your sales practices, we can assist you with the development of new financial strategies to assist with the rapid increase in sales that can be expected.

An initial consultation with Nicholas Fiorentino is provided to all incoming clients free of charge. Nicholas can assist you in the development of a specific execution agenda.

Additionally, we are able to provide the following Financial Services.

  • Customized formula-driven spread sheeting
  • Inventory Management
    • Inventory Tracking
    • Fulfillment
    • Theft Prevention
  • Bank Loan / Venture Capital Assistance
    • Preparation of “loan package” presentation to increase likelihood of receiving funding & at the most competitive interest rate
  • Commission Management
    • Detailed management of commissions due to online contractors
      • *For affiliate programs managed by Fiorentino Ventures this is inclusive without charge
  • Sourcing Assistance
    • Are you manufacturing your products? Allow us to perform an analysis of your international manufacturer and ensure you are getting the best possible bang for your buck(or  Yuan, Rupee, Euro, Peso….)

Establishing Credibility as a Young Executive

As if the <30 year old Executives of today’s world don’t face enough challenges…finances, supply/demand, competition, etc. in their quest to succeed as business owners, we deal with an even larger problem; the quick-to-judgement, twice-as-old-as-us Executives we are either trying to sell or work with. Let’s face it…today’s youth, as a whole, is not impressing the prior generations, and before passing a personal judgement, everybody subconsciously creates stereotypes.

Credibility, in a business sense, is one of the most important things an Executive of any age needs to immediately establish. If you are an online retailer, your credibility is made or lost nearly immediately. Proper website optimization can ensure it is achieved. On the flip side, if you network in person, your personal presentation is that which establishes your credibility, and how one carries themselves is vital. This blog will detail the various tactics I use to establish credibility with people twice my age, and keep them coming to me asking for advice.

1) Look people directly in the eyes – This may seem so simple, but subconsciously every human interaction is a battle, and an “alpha” and “beta” will be achieved. It is absolutely vital to maintain eye contact; looking down or away is symbolic of inferiority, a trait you can not afford to display.

2) Create your identity and stick to it – I walk around my office in shorts and a t-shirt at least 4 out of 5 days weekly, and at a bare minimum a harmless comment is made once a week. My initial instinct, just starting out, was do I need to conform? Should I start wearing suits again? NO! I know I am an expert in what I do, and my clients do too. People refer my Agency to their friends because of the work we produce; not the way I can tie a tie. The identity I have created for myself is a very casual one, but my execution is what speaks for itself. Don’t feel the need to conform to white-collar standards. Be different.

3) Be outspoken at any opportunity – Nobody wonders what is on my mind. I speak it very clearly, and I have no problem being the only person in a room that has an opposing view. I am frequently engaged in conversations with Executives much older than myself regarding digital marketing & sales, and this is my sweetspot. If I disagree with what is being said, I (politely of course) let them know. There are a million people out there telling these people Yes, Yes, Yes. If you do as well, you’re just another fish in the pond. Don’t be afraid to tell someone when you think they are wrong. Just be prepared to detail why.

4) Guarantee Your Reliability – The world is full of people that say they’ll deliver and don’t. DO NOT EVER be one of them. You’re under a much more magnified microscope. Deliver exactly what you promise or more, and do it every single time.

Effective Banking Strategies for Small Businesses

When establishing a small business, the strategies behind successful banking can easily be overlooked. Creating an effective banking solution upfront can streamline not only your daily operations, but drastically reduce year-end tax preparation. While I cannot claim responsibility for the creation of this strategy, I can absolutely guarantee it works. The creator of this strategy is Mark Hower, and he is my Premier Banker at Wells Fargo in San Diego, CA our HQ location. He can be emailed at Mark.Hower@wellsfargo.com

Fiorentino Ventures, structured as an S-Corporation, is the parent to three companies which produce individual revenue streams.

1) Fiorentino Ventures

2) Cellular Distribution Strategies

3) Total Wholesale Maintenance

Every company has the following two types of accounts (if you do not own multiple companies, just create 1 set of these):

1) Operating Account: All deductible expenses are incurred within this account. This includes cost of goods sold, inventory purchases, advertising expenses, rent expense, utilities, entertainment, etc.

2) Receiving Account: All income is deposited into the receiving account. There is no spending done in the receiving account! Immediately upon depositing money into the Receiving Account, a portion of the sum (explained below) it is then transferred into the Operating Account.

Our Parent Company has the following additional accounts: (if you are 1 company, just create these 4 accounts for your entire enterprise)

1) Tax Savings Account: Pretty self-explanatory. When a deposit comes into our Receiving Account, we defer a portion of it into our Tax Savings Account. This is a number advised by our accountant, and I recommend you ask yours for a percentage you should consider.

2) Reserve Account: We also defer a small amount of the money from the Receiving Account deposit into a Reserve Savings Account, a “rainy day” account to support unexpected costs or savings for future projects.

The rest of the money is deferred into the Operating Account.

Why does this work so well? Its quite simple.

Your taxable income is equivalent to Revenue – Cost of Goods Sold – Expenses, correct?

At year end, any sophisticated bank can run a “total debit/credit” report and calculate your fiscal year totals. At the end of the year, we can show our Revenue as the sum total of receipts in the Receiving Account, then subtract our Operating Account expenses from this to create a rough (but close) estimate of our tax liability, which we have already appropriated to our Tax Savings Account!

By doing this, our Accountant gives us an $800 discount on year-end tax preparation.

New Site!

We’re proud to launch the new FiorentinoVentures.com!  Contact us for all your Design, Marketing, and Consulting Needs!

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